Thursday, 15 August 2013

The Last Door Offers Episodic Horror

The Game Kitchen, developers of the minimalistic yet highly atmospheric horror adventure series Τhe Last Door, after a successful Kickstarter campaign, found a creative way to fund its ongoing development. Even though every chapter will eventually be free they rely on the donations of players, especially those who wish to gain access to them before everyone else.

The first chapter is already freely available for everyone, but to gain immediate access to the second chapter you too will need to make a small donation of your choice, with a minimum limit of 0,50€. The second chapter will become free for all in September, but by then the third chapter will also be released, once again only for those who will donate for the privilege.

It's worth mentioning that by offering a few additional euros you may gain access to the soundtrack, to every future chapter as it is completed without further donations, or even get a spot in the interactive Hall of Fame, depending on your chosen amount.

I can only recommend that you sign up on their website and play the first free chapter, so that you may decide if and how much you're willing to help with the development of more chapters, which according to the developers cost about 10.000€ each for only the basic expenses of the group.

The whole series is developed for browsers that support flash, although future versions for smartphones and tablets aren't out of the question.

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