Thursday, 15 August 2013

From Darkness: The Documentary Game

The developers of From Darkness can't be accused of lacking in vision, as with the little information they reveal for their project, if it can be simply called a game, they cause interest and questions seldom encountered in this medium.

The interactive experience they wish to offer will include a scenario of their own invention, which follows a journalist from Belgium as she travels to Kenya in order to conduct research and interviews. What makes it stand out is that it will also include real footage and interviews of people who talk about their lives, the hardships and conflicts that plague the region.

It is a sensitive subject that should be handled with care, but the first samples are positive, while the hard work the capturing of all the footage must have required shows it's not taken lightly.

From Darkness utilizes the CryEngine and is being developed for Windows. A first playable version may be ready this fall, but there's no information about a final release date.

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