Friday, 11 October 2013

The Musical Charm of Olav & the Lute

Update: Olav & the Lute has just been made available through its official website. You can choose to play it in your browser or simply download the about 79MB file. While the creators mention it's quite a short experience with about 30 minutes worth of adventure gameplay, considering it's a completely free offer on their part there's little room for complaints. Why not simply enjoy it then?

Original report 21/07/2013: Inspired by Lucasfilm Games' 1990 classic Loom, four people have set out to create an enchanting, old school musical adventure with unique atmosphere and gameplay. Judging by the currently available information and media they're already well on their way to achieving that, though the jury will remain out until this fall when Olav & the Lute is planned to release for Windows free of charge.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Universum: One Man's Dream

Seeing the graphics and scale while reading about the rich features of Universum: War Front, a game which combines elements of the role-playing, strategy, action and MOBA genres to offer epic land, air, water and even space battles, nobody would guess that only one man is responsible for all of it. And yet that's exactly the case as the talented Cyril Megem of StarworksArt Studio has made the completion of this ambitious title, for which he has among other things become designer, programmer, artist and musician, his current life goal.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Ambitious Heroes of a Broken Land

Heroes of a Broken Land is despite its retro graphics a very ambitious project that resembles a mixture of many loved genres, from dungeon crawling to role-playing and strategy games, while almost all of its elements will be randomly generated for each play through. Its story puts you in the shoes of a mighty wizard who although trapped in a crystal has survived a terrible disaster that split the world in many pieces of land. To restore it he will first have to assemble the magical object that caused this, something that due to his present state is impossible for himself and for which he will be using the strength of recruited parties of heroes. Having just tried the game I can say that it really feels like a long lost classic title of the 90s whose fans would definitely still fondly remember.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Celebrate the Festival of Magic

Festival of Magic is an under development role-playing game by SnowCastle Games, a small independent studio established in Norway. I've been watching it develop since the previous year and I can safely say that it's been showing tremendous progress and has already reached the level of a professional production as it appears to be full of character and gameplay depth, the latter not only aiming to offer thrilling adventures in mystical worlds with battles and riddles to solve, but also farming simulation elements as through these players will be resupplied with useful items and ammo. The first episode of the game will be released next year but for now you can watch a recent video presenting many of its features via good old fashioned gameplay.