Thursday, 3 October 2013

Universum: One Man's Dream

Seeing the graphics and scale while reading about the rich features of Universum: War Front, a game which combines elements of the role-playing, strategy, action and MOBA genres to offer epic land, air, water and even space battles, nobody would guess that only one man is responsible for all of it. And yet that's exactly the case as the talented Cyril Megem of StarworksArt Studio has made the completion of this ambitious title, for which he has among other things become designer, programmer, artist and musician, his current life goal.

Although he certainly appears to be on the right track Cyril just started a funding campaign aiming to raise $20.000, the minimum amount needed to hire additional staff and purchase or rent much needed equipment. The lowest tier rewarding backers with the game upon its release is for the first 500 of them $20 and for the rest $25 (about 18€), while it is mentioned that anyone claiming a copy through this campaign will also receive every future expansion and upgrade for free.

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