Tuesday, 6 August 2013

MouseCraft Sounds Like Something Else

MouseCraft is a puzzle game combining elements of Lemmings and Tetris, as well as new ideas, in order to create a fresh experience where players arrange blocks of different shapes and types as platforms that safely guide hapless mice to their juicy cheese reward. It's also got a story, or rather a setting, that the goofy cat looking through the glass will constantly remind of. You see, the game's final goal is the activation of a mouse-powered machine this crazy scientist cat created. Its purpose is unknown and players will presumably find out what it does only by finishing the game. It's quite the unique carrot, that's for sure.

MouseCraft has been in development for some time, enough to actually have a playable alpha demo. While it's still not quite finished it's definitely worth a try, though the eventual release should be even more worthwhile thanks to features like the planned level editor. In fact, if you're already convinced you can purchase the game and gain access to the latest full alpha and every version after that.

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