Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Ghost Song: A Love Letter for Metroid

Matt White doesn't hide his muses but instead openly celebrates them with his upcoming creation. Ghost Song: A Journey of Hope, obviously inspired by games like Metroid, aspires to become a 2D exploration game where every area will be logically connected to the next and become accessible thanks to the new powers players will be collecting throughout their adventure.

It also wishes to offer a compelling atmospheric storyline, not through elaborate cinematic sequences or pages of text, but by the various details of every area, sound and action that will provide clues for the events of the past and the present in a manner that reminds of games like From Software's Demon and Dark Souls.

Matt has already done a lot of work as he initially planned to release the game in flash form. Ultimately, he realized this would negatively affect its quality and changed his plans. Now he's looking for the contributions of like-minded gamers through Kickstarter (with the modest goal of $15.000) so that he can hire an additional programmer, work on the project full time and create the best game in the genre he can manage for Windows and Mac.

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