Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Neverending Nightmares' Sketchy Horrors

Update: The Kickstarter funding campaign of this project is now live with a not too modest goal of $99.000. The lowest tiers that reward supporters with the game are $10 (about 7,50€) for 750 early birds and $15 (about 11,25€) for everyone else, with many more higher tiers providing additional goodies like early alpha and beta access. The game is being developed for Windows, Mac, Linux and Oura while a demo is already available for Windows.

Original report: On the heels of the financial failure that was 24 Caret Games' unique shooter Retro/Grade, Matt Gilgenbach who suffers from OCD and depression has decided to channel all that negative energy into a new and very different game, Neverending Nightmares. With only a teaser available very little is known about the game other than the simple and surprisingly effective disturbing imagery. Acknowledging past mistakes and the current situation Matt and Infinitap Games have plans for a much needed Kickstarter campaign and a fully transparent development process so we should be learning more about this project very soon.

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