Saturday, 13 July 2013

I Heard You Like Castlevania

If that's true, mostly for the old school platforming based 2D Castlevania titles and less so for the new school of God of War style 3D cinematic hack and slash games by one Hideo Kojima, you might also like Odallus, the next game by Joy Masher, creators of Oniken.

Like its predecessor, Odallus is a retro style side scrolling platform game with action that will test both reflexes and patience. The Castlevania vibe comes from not only the overall visual style and atmosphere, but also the chosen game mechanics, given the use of sub weapons, the sadistic placement of enemies or traps and the multiple paths and backtracking required to get through the stages, as it doesn't offer a seamless game world. See for yourself.

You can actually play an early demo version already, sampling a modest chunk of gameplay. The full game is scheduled for release sometime in mid 2014, while there's also an ongoing Indiegogo crowd funding campaign you may choose to participate in.

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