Sunday, 14 July 2013

Another Street Fighter IV Upgrade Announced

In a surprising twist during the Evo 2013 championship, Capcom announced that the Street Fighter IV series (yes, a series out of a single numbered title, that's how Capcom roll) will receive another substantial upgrade, Ultra Street Fighter IV, with not only small tweaks like the expected balance improvements but also new modes of play, stages and more importantly additional playable characters. Five of them in fact, four of which have been revealed to be Rolento, Elena, Poison and Hugo, all of them known from previous classic Capcom titles and/or previous Street Fighter entries. The fifth character remains secret.

All this will be available alongside the existing content either as a stand alone title in retail and digital editions for $39.99 or as a DLC update costing just $14.99, for PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows sometime in early 2014. You will be able to fully upgrade directly from any version of Super Street Fighter IV (but not the abandoned original Street Fighter IV), even if you didn't purchase previous additions like the last Arcade Edition. Buyers of any stand alone version will gain access to all DLC costumes released up to this point, while pre-orders will offer additional costumes designed by Udon for the new set of characters. Let's have a look at the first trailer!

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