Friday, 26 July 2013

The Goat Escapes Again

The surrealistic puzzle platforming world is set to return bigger, better and a lot more beautiful as Escape Goat 2 boasts HD 2D graphics instead of the charming yet low fidelity pixel art of the original game (which you can still purchase after trying the HTML5 demo here). Players will once again take the role of the agile goat and immerse in frantic puzzle solving that requires both brains and dexterity, as well as the help of returning friends like the mouse. Make sure that you watch the glorious trailer.

But Games Inquirer, I've known of this, some of you you might say. I'm glad to hear that but the blog you're reading didn't exist when this was news. Still, what you don't already know is that pre-ordering the game is now possible for only $8,00 (about 6,00 €) while the release date has been announced as the 10th of September. Enjoy the wait.

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