Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Balrum, an Indie Sandbox of Retro RPG Delight

Balcony Team's Balrum started as two students' university project but has since expanded into a role playing game of surprising scope where players will not only follow a non linear storyline and battle monsters in turn based combat but also engage in side tasks just as deeply integrated in the experience. These include building settlements, maintaining a farm, extensive crafting, gathering and hunting as your character will essentially lead a complete life in a fantasy world that includes but exists for more than great adventures.

Inspired by classics like Ultima and Gothic, indie hits like Eschalon and Avernum and mainstream giants like Skyrim, the Balcony Team appears to take the best of all worlds. Watch the video for a sample of the detail they intend to include in every aspect of the game.

The two man team has now started a Kickstarter campaign as they need additional funds to make the game the best it can be. The goal is a modest $50.000 while backers can get the game for as low as $15 for 250 early birds and $20 for everyone else.

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