Thursday, 1 August 2013

bitComposer Issues Statement on Chaos Chronicles

In response to the petition that was recently started in favor of Chaos Chronicles' continued development and release, bitComposer Games issued an official statement. Sadly, there seems to be a legal impasse that bitComposer Games claim to have done everything in their power to overcome. Their full statement follows exactly as it was sent to me, but it seems that a response by additional parties is needed for enough light to be shed on the matter..

bitComposer Statement on the situation of Chaos Chronicles

Due to wide ranging speculation concerning Chaos Chronicles, we have decided to issue a statement. For legal reasons, we cannot go into all the details. However, we would like to describe the current situation as best we can within the given limits:

Chaos Chronicles is a promising project for Coreplay as well as for bitComposer. The current dispute between the two companies has NOTHING to do with the actual developer team or with the project itself. Seeing as the development of the game is already at such an advanced stage, bitComposer would still like to complete and market Chaos Chronicles with the developer team from Coreplay. In September 2012, one of the founders and managing partners of Coreplay left the company—and this was a real surprise for us. Shortly thereafter, the former managing partner’s shares were taken over by a lawyer and an investor.

From this point on, there have been differing opinions concerning the previously agreed contracts and the future form of cooperation.

We are of course aware that the ire of fans will focus on the ‘evil’ publisher. Please be aware that we are not ignoring the comments and the online petition, but a solution always requires two parties, and in this case, three, as the game has been partly financed with public funds through the FilmFernsehFonds Bavaria. On July 24, we once again tried to find a solution agreeable to all parties, though Coreplay and their managing partners did not want to attend these mediation talks.

Despite the clear legal situation, efforts by impartial institutions, and considerable accommodation on the part of bitComposer, Coreplay is not ready to participate in a balanced solution, and thereby knowingly bring about the end of Chaos Chronicles.

bitComposer Games
bitComposer Entertainment


  1. Coreplay has commented on the statement here:

    I think you should ask bitComposer about that.

  2. bitComposer has just done an entire interview on the matter: