Monday, 22 July 2013

Wanted: Chaos Chronicles

Have you seen Chaos Chronicles? It's one of the few old school role playing games that is neither 100% independent nor funded by as of late fashionable crowd-funding services. Aspiring to be a successor of 80s classics it stood out with an original setting and the chosen gameplay mechanics which include turn based combat on a hex grid utilizing D&D 3,5e Open Game Content rules.

If all had gone well the game would be releasing within months, however, fears over stalling news were reinforced when one of the creators mentioned a legal issue between developers COREPLAY and publisher bitComposer Games as seen here.

Details are scarce so there is no blame placed on anyone at this point, especially as the game is of essentially unknown quality, however promising it may have been. Still, a petition in favor of the product as has been intended and advertised up to this point runs on hopes for the best.

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