Monday, 9 September 2013

Space Engineers: Space Age Construction

Space Engineers is the next project by Keen Software House, known for the Miner Wars games. According to the developers the idea has existed since 2002. At the time the existing technology was unable to support the concept, but its development is finally viable. The core of the gameplay will be the construction and maintenance of space ships and stations, which will behave realistically and even allow for their dismantling or destruction. It will also be possible to play it competitively as a tactical shooter, though ideally players will wish to avoid personal confrontations and instead rely on constructed machinery and fortifications to deal with enemies.

The game is in an early development phase and will soon be available through Steam Early Access. The creators mention that player feedback and desires will shape its evolution. That's actually the reason they avoid talking about their future plans, as they are quite likely to change.

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