Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Child of Light: Playful Art

Ubisoft newest creation which will arrive next year for PC and next generation consoles has artistic tendencies, not only in its beautifull drawn graphics but also in the writing as poetry dominates all the dialogues. The gameplay comprises of platform style wandering - though the protagonist is able to fly which means there's no difficulty in this phase, only exploration - in two dimensions and battles obviously inspired by the JRPG series Grandia, which with the right strategy allow the interruption or even cancellation of enemy attacks. The game's faity tale of a story follows Αurora, a young girl who is transported to the painted world of Lemuria, where in order to return home she must confront the Queen of the Night and free the sun the moon and the stars, something she will do with the help of strange companions. Enjoy the first trailer.

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