Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Wayward Terran Frontier: a Lot of Game

In the last year, George Hultgren has been spending his free time in developing his dream: a game combining elements of his favorite science fiction titles (although it may resemble a blend of FTL and Dwarf Fortress) in order to provide a 2D space adventure with exploration, action and strategy, where as captain of one or admiral of multiple ships of your design you will roam the universe.

Wayward Terran Frontier will offer many different features. As mentioned, you will be able to design your own ships to maximize their defensive or offensive capabilities, but you will also control the crew within them, explore and pave your own way in a living universe with different factions, upgrade your character, acquire new equipment, even play online with your friends.

For now, you may play existing alpha versions for free, though George hopes to eventually have created a video game that he can sell and that people will want to buy.

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