Friday, 30 August 2013

Pulsar: Lost Colony, a Promising Starship Simulator

Update: The developers of Pulsar: Lost Colony on a weekly basis upload development progress videos. I won't be writing about all of them but today's footage deserves a mention as it includes (starting from roughly three minutes in) the first sample of planet surface exploration. Despite the early development phase it already looks fairly solid and therefor makes a lot of promises about the game's future.

Original report: Next summer Pulsar: Lost Colony, if all goes well, will offer you and four of your friends the opportunity to be the crew of a starship as it explores a dynamically generated galaxy, where incredible discoveries and danger await.

Through five upgradable roles that include the captain, pilot, scientist, weapons guy and engineer, you will work together for the ship's optimal function, its effective upgrading and the successful destruction of enemies.

Effectively, as another Picard and crew you will live the Star Trek: The Next Generation fantasy you've been waiting for, as the game will even allow landings on foreign planets. The artificial intelligence will also be able to fill in for the remaining roles but it will likely not be able to offer the same thrills if you choose to play single player.

Pulsar: Lost Colony is planned to release within the summer of 2014 while an early alpha should become available a few months earlier.

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