Tuesday, 13 August 2013

StarCraft Universe Kickstarter

No, Blizzard is not using Κickstarter to finance its next creation. StarCraft Universe is actually a mod for StarCraft II. Previously known as World of StarCraft, after communication with Blizzard the name was changed. It may be the first mod to be funded in this manner, while it is unusual if not admirable that Blizzard not only allows, but also encourages the effort. But let's talk about the game.

It is an ambitious project that many thought to be impossible with StarCraft II's engine, its creators however proved them wrong and successfully converted Blizzard's RTS into a third person RPG. Indeed, StarCraft Universe is a free (completely free, as it also works with StarCraft II's Starter Edition) online RPG. It is set in an alternate reality where the end of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty ends with a dead Kerrigan unable to stop the Hybrid onslaught, resulting in complete defeat for Protoss and starting the story of the remaining survivors. Your story.

The gameplay reminds of World of Warcraft, with races and many classes to choose from during the creation of your character, and of course missions and raids to complete with your friends. It's not however an MMO, although it follows their general structure and setup with parallel depth and complexity. It even supports vehicles and item creation through the necessary resources.

The Kickstarter campaign set $80.000 as the goal for the completion of the game that has been in development for two years, so that it can offer an almost professional experience to gamers and unfold its full story.

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