Friday, 16 August 2013

In Postmortem Death Has Consequences

Update: Postmortem is out. You can download and play the whole thing for free or spend some of your money for bonus goodies and an additional character.

Original report: In a radical departure from the average video game, a Postmortem player will have to carry the burden of taking a single life and seeing the consequences.

The setting is a charity gala in a conflict ridden nation going through its own industrial revolution. Naturally, the most influential figures are all present alongside less prominent staff and it's any one of them that the grim decision must be made for, either trivially or after carefully trying to find out more about each and weighing the pros and cons, though chances are that the outcome for everyone involved and the nation itself will be as unpredictable as this unique game's existence.

Postmortemfor will be released for Windows in mid August for absolutely free of charge.

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