Monday, 5 August 2013

Drive's Shocking Realism

Drive is not, yet, a full game but is deserving of your attention. As you will see in the video,  developer BeamNG have created a physics engine where the doomed vehicles behave so realistically, depending on the force and point of impact, that they could perhaps be used in those TV spot campaigns against careless driving.

Drive will eventually offer multiple modes, ranging from street races to cop chases, though the most awaited could be the destruction derbies. The last will for the first time offer real car battles where every bump will affect the behavior and performance of the vehicle, making the finish line your first worry and victory the second. An open career mode allowing you to choose the gameplay you prefer is also planned.

For the moment you can download the free tech demo and also purchase the alpha version for 11,50 €, alongside the promise of all future updates until the finished game.

Of course, due to the early development stage there's no announced release date, while the only confirmed version is for PC.

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