Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Dead Island: Riptide, the ZOMBA

Update: The first screenshots of the game have been published, you can view them all after the jump and read the newly released gameplay information.

Original report: Today Deep Silver announced a new under development title, Dead Island: Epidemic. Contrary to the previous sandbox FPS/RPG games in the series, it will be another free-to-play ΜΟΒΑ (according to Deep Silver, a ZOMBA) where three teams will simultaneously battle for victory.

Deep Silver had no details to share but promised that the game will have the features setting the series apart, and that we will find out more during gamescom 2013, which will take place near the end of this month. Dead Island: Epidemic was announced for PC without a formal release date.

Deep Silver also revealed some of the features that make Dead Island: Epidemic different. The three teams will comprise of four members each and will not fight for the destruction of enemy bases, but instead to capture control points and destroy hostile targets, allowing the gameplay to dynamically shift. The levels will be full of all sorts of zombies, some of them so powerful that the cooperation of all the otherwise opposing teams will be required.

Weapons and tools will be crafted and then upgraded, with numerous powerful combinations of these and character perks made possible. The game will also attempt to satisfy players of different tiers, from veterans to newcomers. It will be easy to start playing by killing zombies, looting and crafting, but long term commitment and proper teamwork will provide clear advantages.

A release date has still yet to be announced.

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