Tuesday, 6 August 2013

DayZ Developer Diary

DayZ started out as a mod for ARMA II (with its expansion Operation Arrowhead) but became so popular that in cooperation with Bohemia Interative, developer of the latter, it will be released as a stand alone video game.

The original idea of designer Dean "Rocket" Hall remains so DayZ will thrust you into a dangerous online world filled with zombies, where you will have to survive by any means necessary. You may move at night to avoid unwanted attention by those alive and the dead as you search for precious supplies and your daily food (which will have to fulfill certain requirements if you wish to remain healthy). You might also ally with or kill other players in order to take theirs. The choice will be yours and the goal simply to live another day, as any death in DayZ is permanent and requires the creation of a new character.

The ARMA series' emphasis on realism also remains, with comparatively difficult weapon handling and overall controls, but also impressive graphics in a world spanning 225 square kilometers.

The game has already suffered some delays as it was originally meant to release within 2012, but it seems to be for good reason. Videos like today's showcase not only the improvements that are being implemented but also the developers' passion.

DayZ will be released for PC on a yet to be announced date.

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