Thursday, 22 August 2013

Bot Colony Wants to Talk to You

Bot Colony is an episodic adventure that will be released for Windows and eventually for mobiles, tablets and consoles. Its plot will task you with the discovery of a dangerous spy on Agrihan island, a location used not only as the base of operations for the largest robot creation company but also as a testbed for future colonies on Mars.

The creators aim to make a profound difference in interactions, as the primary method of communication will be plain old English, easily understood and naturally returned by the various characters in the game. The software in charge of communication is apparently so demanding that it's found in powerful remote servers, making internet access a requirement despite the fact this is a solo adventure.

Early access to the game is available for those willing, though it requires a small subscription fee (and depending on the chosen tier the separate purchase of each episode) with server costs being the justification given. There are currently no details about the monetisation model of the final product, though a single player game with a subscription fee would certainly be unexpected.

The creators also wish to sell their technology as a personal English tutor utilizing the environments and characters of the game. In the future they believe it will even be possible to automatically pinpoint the areas in which the student has the most trouble in and focus on them.

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