Thursday, 15 August 2013

Betrayer Announced

Update: Betrayer just became available through Steam Early Access for 12,59€ (with the 10% discount offered until the 21st of August). This version includes a first large region to explore and representatives from almost all planned types of weapons, but barely any of the storyline, while future updates will include more areas, enemies and mysteries. The developers warn Betrayer is of course far from finished so players can expect issues and a lack of content, while it may become necessary to start over from the beginning in future versions.

Original report: The independent Blackpowder Games which comprises of people that in the past were responsible for the creation of popular - if not legendary - titles, like the FPS series F.E.A.R. and No Οne Lives Forever, just announced its first game, Betrayer.

As an FPS with Adventure elements set in an abandoned colony on the coast of Virginia in 1604, it will present a mystery full of danger and ghosts. Playing the protagonist just arriving from England, you will discover what happened and who a mysterious woman in red that seems to be helping is.

One of the game's primary elements will be the freedom it will offer. You will be able to explore the wilderness and collect clues by waking the memories of the dreaming dead, without artificial barriers.

There will also be treasures hidden by the colonists for unknown reasons - that you will discover - and a unique arsenal with muskets, bows, crossbows and throwing axes.

Also deserving of your attention are the game's graphics.  With black and white dominating and red coloring certain elements - of course, blood among these - they're definitely unique, though they may remind of titles like the Wii's controversial MadWorld.

Betrayer will be released for  Windows at an unannounced date, though early access via Steam will be available as soon as the 14th of August.

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