Saturday, 10 August 2013

Aaru's Awakening Teleports you to Lumenox

Aaru's Awakening by Lumenox Games is a platform game with beautiful hand drawn 2D graphics. The world of Lumenox is the setting and Aaru, champion of the Dawn, is the weird creature that has to save it from the destruction caused by the lost balance of power, as the Night attempts to overpower the Dawn, Day and Dusk.

Using Aaru's agility and his unique teleportation power, players will explore the world of Lumenox, meet its inhabitants and overcome enemies and other obstacles in the four domains, starting with that of the Dawn and eventually reaching Night's.

Aaru's teleportation ability offers an interesting gameplay element. In order to activate it you must first aim and throw a ball of light, which does not pass through objects but instead partially obeys the laws of physics. In this way, it is constrained by logical rules and requires skillful use.

Aaru's Awakening will be released for Windows, Mac και Linux before the end of the year.

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