Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The Retro-Modern Wings of Saint Nazaire

Wings of Saint Nazaire is a unique game using outdated techniques in combination with modern technology. The science fiction world it offers has elements from games that now seem ancient, yet it is attractive in a retro-modern way.

Its three creators are obviously longing for the good old days of the genre, which for them translates to a time travel one or even two decades back, when games like Wing Commander and Χ-Wing reigned supreme in the hearts of gamers.

As you will see in the older development videos, even though the game is playable in 3D with full freedom of movement, many of the on screen elements are actually utilizing 2D sprites, constantly replaced with a different one in order to provide the best possible viewing angle of the object in question.

Wings of Nazaire has been in development for three years, mostly in the free time of the creators, using the Unity engine. The current plan is for the game to eventually be released completely free, though it's been mentioned that some sort of crowd-funding may become a necessity.

For now, owners of a PC (Windows, Linux) or Mac may try a very early alpha version that is often updated with new functionality. It won't have lasting appeal but it does give a good idea for the direction of this project.

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