Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Ambitious Heroes of a Broken Land

Heroes of a Broken Land is despite its retro graphics a very ambitious project that resembles a mixture of many loved genres, from dungeon crawling to role-playing and strategy games, while almost all of its elements will be randomly generated for each play through. Its story puts you in the shoes of a mighty wizard who although trapped in a crystal has survived a terrible disaster that split the world in many pieces of land. To restore it he will first have to assemble the magical object that caused this, something that due to his present state is impossible for himself and for which he will be using the strength of recruited parties of heroes. Having just tried the game I can say that it really feels like a long lost classic title of the 90s whose fans would definitely still fondly remember.

You too can play a demo by downloading it or even through your browser, while it is possible to purchase the current version with a discount as it is still under development and requires the help of gamers to be completed in the best possible way. You can even help with its approval on Steam.

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