Saturday, 14 September 2013

Contagion: A Source Based Zombie Game

Update: A crowd funding campaign for the game is now live. The base goal is $50.000 and the lowest tier awarding backers with the game upon its release is $10 (about 7,50€). A detailed gameplay overview video explaining various mechanics and showing off some rather polished features marks the occasion. It's certainly worth watching and may just convince some of you to help the project.

Original report: Contagion is the successor to Zombie Panic, a Half-Life 2 modification where players could take on the role of survivors of the apocalypse or the zombies. Unfortunately there are few details about its gameplay, outside what you will see in this teaser which among other things displays the ability to barricade windows and doors against the hordes of the living dead.

The creators state that contrary to titles like Left 4 Dead, caution and a more methodical approach will be a requirement for survival and the completion of missions. They also promised that a full trailer and more details will arrive next month, on Friday the 13th.

Interested gamers may also head to the game's Steam community to become members and perhaps acquire one of the beta testing keys that will be offered during the next few weeks.

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