Friday, 11 October 2013

The Musical Charm of Olav & the Lute

Update: Olav & the Lute has just been made available through its official website. You can choose to play it in your browser or simply download the about 79MB file. While the creators mention it's quite a short experience with about 30 minutes worth of adventure gameplay, considering it's a completely free offer on their part there's little room for complaints. Why not simply enjoy it then?

Original report 21/07/2013: Inspired by Lucasfilm Games' 1990 classic Loom, four people have set out to create an enchanting, old school musical adventure with unique atmosphere and gameplay. Judging by the currently available information and media they're already well on their way to achieving that, though the jury will remain out until this fall when Olav & the Lute is planned to release for Windows free of charge.

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